Spirit Guide

Come inside sweetie, here, out of the clear shot of interlopers
and the elements. Rest your weary heart,
let her revel in the peace that passes understanding.
You don’t need the distractions, so don’t beckon them.
Retreat, it’s like repenting, you just
turn a few degrees and go off in another direction.
The wonder of the universe is at your feet
the glory of honor, mystery of power,
sacred response of the invited.
Don't seek to impress. There is no need,
no joint too loose to be shiny.
What was in the potion so worn down,
why did the rabbit run when the hat got too close?
Oh sweetie. You got it,
you are it, and there’s nothing anyone can take from you.
How, oh how, when you have it all?
It’s just a matter of forgetting
always remembering the way sunlight feels on your skin
the cool droplets of refreshing water cooling,
the trick of the lick before the popsicle melts.

Written for Ella's Edge @ Imaginary Garden with Real Toads</a>