The Grindstone of Illusion

Awareness, when severed from the superlative aspects
of what I call myself, cuts my connection from the finest

slices of life. Vision, limited to the dark, the negative,
crooked and profane, lacks clarity to transmit the sacred

wholeness to my heart, the flow, the dance of what is.
Instead, life gets compartmentalized by the mind

chopped into pieces deemed worthless
or worthwhile, useful only for maneuvering and

communication, but for me unrecognizable as the
parlor trick it truly is. I am ignorant. I identify with

the dark fragments, unaware of the light, oblivious
to the not-so-obvious reality that nothing can be

separated from the whole no matter how convincing
the illusion. Missing this vital connection I cannot

see the truth that can set me free. If I wonder any longer
as to my purpose, here it is: Find the crucial connection

that allows me to see I’m one with it all, ushering in
contentment to live life as it truly is, sparking holy

imagination rather than the futile chase of ego fantasies
while treading water on a grindstone of delusion.

In practical terms: this is the enlightenment I must seek
as a woman on fire seeks water.