Death in the Room

There’s a commercial playing in the next room. A little girl named Moira has been diagnosed with cancer. The book I am reading, Madman in the Alley, loses its allure when I see that Death is now in the room with me. Damn it Death, can’t you let me read my book in peace? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen him. You’re looking good, I say, but Death doesn’t answer. He’s too busy working on his smirk and since he likes how a smirk feels on his face, he works quite hard at it. I don’t bother to ask him what he wants – his answer is always the same. If you came here to taunt me, you can leave now, I say, but he doesn’t move. Neither of us can pretend I have any power here. Alright, alright, I say, you can stay. But can you find something to do? It’s hard to read while you’re staring at me. The smirk slips into a smile and just as I think I know why, he’s gone. Isn’t that just like Death, I think? He only hovers when you’re frightened.