The Interview

The first question I am asked
"Did you know he was crazy?"
And if I did? What then?
What choices were available to avert
a senseless crime dreamed
in the halls of insanity?
We're all crazy, one way or another
but there is the type
that cannot be fathomed
the ultimate loneliness
the reasoning of the mad

The next question
"Can you forgive him?"
I don't know what one
has to do with the other
unless the claim being made
suggests that since his reasoning was off
he meant no harm, but he did you see
he wanted retribution, and he got it
so tell me where am I supposed
to dig up forgiveness for that?

In the throes of anger or disappointment
we all can fantasize harm
the difference is some folks act on that impulse
and some do not
so no, I didn't know he was crazy
and no, I cannot forgive him
It wasn't your family that he slaughtered
so I'd say your vote doesn't count