They Call It Something Else

Katy forgets the spiders.
She doesn’t mean to, knows
How they surpass amazing
Yet, even so ---
She forgets
Stumbles a Katy-sized hole
Through their shimmering webs
Rendering them homeless &
Without visible means of support.

Jack hates the spiders.
He’s happy to discover a break
in the spiderweb's spell
This strengthens Katy’s reason
Yet, even so ---
She forgets the spiders.

Sometimes she sits and watches
The fat orange spiders possessed
Magical webs, homespun &
Lifted from their bodies
like a gift from the spider gods.
This tilts her spirit
Affords a sweet spinning optimism
Wafted from her meditation
Even if Jack could delineate
In scientific terms
Katy never allows him to shrivel
The magic hidden in their spells.

yet, even so ---
she forgets the spiders
the moment she turns
from their acrobatic splendor &
the very next time she stumbles
upon the sticky gauze of yet
another spider web
she plunges right through it.

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