Moot Questions

What if their names were banished
from our collective consciousness
violence inducting into the Hall of Silence
images erased, not plastered
enforced invisibility, not even a nod
of recognition or notice?

What if there were no photos highlighting
victims and families immersed in fresh grief?
What if the media imposed a black out
refusing to provide fuel
to embellish violent fantasies?
What if brutal acts were collectively cloaked in silence?
What if the perpetrators received no attention?

A reasonable mind cannot help but ask why
Is it a matter of living trapped in a painful cocoon
constricted pressure bursting into violent manifestation,
a matter of misery enforcing company?
Is it a matter of a sick mind fashioning
a misguided blaze of glory?
Is it a cry for attention?

What if there wasn’t even a dust mote
in the dark kind of a chance to be noticed
in any manner, whatsoever
for notorious acts of murder or brutality?
Would that make a difference?

Will there ever be an answer
that could satisfy?

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