If the jester left the sidelines and joined the circus
would you follow him?
If Poke Salad Annie’s mama wasn’t a mean vicious
woman could you forgive her?
If the sun stopped shining would your worry freeze?
If the bricks in all the fireplaces melted
would your regrets burn?
If you lined up all the lonely people
could they erase a stairway to heaven?
If I wasn’t so tired would the world stop spinning?
If I bet the horses would you take all my winnings?
If one sweet dream could change the world
would you stop sleeping?
If happiness really was a warm gun
would you sell bullets?
If all the elevators stopped running
would you start walking?
If I told you a secret would you take it?
If I extended a hand in supplication, would you break it?
If I waved the white flag, would you ravage it?
If I breathed a sigh of relief, would you suffocate it?

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