My Imaginary Friend

She was a witch and she lived
in the large calcite rock
underneath the oak tree
two houses down from us
I don’t remember our meeting
or how I came to know she lived there
but I do remember some of her revelations
like how in their world trees move &
people appear stationary
how we could trust the earth
and its natural inhabitants
but people not so much
She stressed the importance
of questioning everything
and above all, she said
it’s all about love (tell everybody)

I remember how her ideas
moved me like a titillating tango
Maybe that was her magic
lending me her visions
and convincing me they were my own
I watched her shape walruses from clouds
and turn fences into gold
The best times she inhabited my body
in a whirling buzz of dazzling vibrations
When she danced in my veins
I had no choice but to bop along with her
She’d tickle my tummy from the inside out
and I would laugh and laugh
childhood equivalent of making love
except it was never messy
and could never lead to any sort of trouble

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