Out of the Shadow

And then all of a sudden
a revolution is registered
in the swish of an eyelash
but you know it didn’t occur
in a flash, it evolved slowly
still, you can’t help but be startled
by the hushed quality of light
luminously gauzy
like cotton candy licking your lips
like moonbeam kisses grazing your skin
and you realize you've forgotten the old
conjured ruminations of the undead

What happened to the darkness,
you wonder, where did the heaviness go?
It had been your companion for so long
no longer did it merit attention
it had replicated through your DNA
weaving subterranean tunnels of travail
ever leaving you breathless

Longing for reprieve, you settled
for the perfect graceful truce
you figured it was the cost of living
the balloon payment tacked onto your bill
exorbitant interest you’d never pay down
so when you receive the pink slip
with the final statement stamped paid in full
incredulous wonder undoes you

You wonder if the light, is it real?
but slowly you learn to trust
gradually you grow into an illustrious dawn
with far-reaching vision
and you shake off the dust
sing softly under naked waterfalls
and smile

with every ounce of energy you’ve amassed
and you realize you don’t need to understand
the machinations and mechanics to know
with every cell in your body
you made it
out of the shadow of grief’s gloom
into the fresh skies of unlimited possibilities

Posted for Poetry Pantry #116 @ Poets United</a>. Just a statement about what I'm feeling.