There is Another Kind of Man

who can invite a 9-yr-old
on a camping trip
as part of his family
He can take her to Bob’s Big Boy
invite her to order anything she desires
When she chooses a double cheeseburger
and a strawberry shake
he can assent and smile
even though she can’t eat it all

when she misses her mother
he can buy her a postcard
so she can assure her mother
she will return
unlike her father who didn’t

There is another kind of man

who can build a 16-yr-old’s self-esteem
teach her to trust in her own mind
apply to college to become more than
the typist her counselor recommended
He can accompany her to a luncheon
honoring scholarship recipients
when her mother couldn’t get the day off
He can beam as proudly as any father
at her graduation and help support her
through her college years

There is another kind of man
who can fill in the gaping holes
left from the harrowing encounters
with the not-so-kind of man

When I saw the prompt at Poetry Jam</a>, I knew I needed to write this poem to balance "There is A Kind of Man" posted earlier. There were some not-very-good human beings I've encountered during my sojourn on this earth, but there have been many many more great ones, fantastic ones, marvelous, loving, kind ones whose presence in my life helped me grow in love and trust and to appreciate and celebrate life, as well as to facilitate healing resulting from encountering the harmful ones. The spirit of this poem goes out to all of them.