There is a Kind of Man

who can call a 9-yr-old
over to where he sits
in his dark garage
he can pull her
towards him
and try
to put his hand
down her shorts

When she violently jerks
from his arrogant grasp
he can call to her

Come Here --

Wanting to believe
it’s a fluke
she can comply
when he tries again
she can run away

There is a kind of man

who can call an 18-yr-old
to where he sits
in his office
after terrorizing her
his frustrated libido
running the show
He can ask after a memo
she surreptitiously destroyed
she can hear him cajole
come here
she can want to give him
the benefit of the doubt


with a pat
on his lap

Come Here

like a Cheshire cat

Instead, she ran
I did
all the way
to the employment office
in downtown Pasadena
two blocks away
finding no words
I ran

There is a kind of man

Linked to Poetry Pantry #114 @Poets United</a>