Inadvertent Rejection

There are times
(like now)
when stories court
make eyes
suggestive of titillating
and it's just so... oh

and what do I do?

vacate the premises
leave my suitor
in a lurch
lost in my imaginings
of a future date
envisioning tasty treats
the hoped for conversation
invariably mislaying the insult
of my inadvertent rejection
and once again I rock
confused disappointment
puzzled by the no-show

(I wrote this poem when I saw through a bump in my creative process. Many times ideas show up when I'm not able to sit and write. The excitement rises and instead of being with it as it is, I rush ahead in my mind, imagining how I'll write it, how I'll shape it. Today I realized I'm aborting an integral part of the process which leaves me crushed by the sound of crickets when I'm able to sit down and write.)