His Song

for Dave Grohl</em>

In the middle of a song
        he spotted a fight
stopped and ranted
        righteous anger
told the dude in the striped
to "get the fuck out of
        my show!"
refused to eat up the
and continued on with his

A written comment on YouTube
        a man witnessed him stop a show
when a woman flashed her breasts
        he responded with a concomitant lift
of his shirt, said
        "big deal, we all have titties!"
then continued on with his song

I thought it so cool
        his eviction of violence
then returning the space to the music
        and I wondered
if it just pisses
        him off
when the attention
        is wavered
from his song

Well, I wouldn't blame him
        he plays some pretty
mean songs
        and it goes to show
he must enjoy enlivening them
        as much as we love tasting them

Dave is the front man for one of my favorite bands - The Foo Fighters. I saw a video posted on YouTube showing him stop in the middle of a song to make sure a man who was causing a fight was evicted. He waited until he was, then ignored the applause and just started playing again. I really liked that and this poem came as a result. I'd attach the video but alas, I don't know how to do that!

Posted for Poetry Pantry 109 @ Poets United</a>