Sometimes we're lucky.
Sometimes we're not.
Sometimes we barely make it through
the trials of life and growth.
Sometimes we come out
on the other side, stronger.
Sometimes we gain more than we lose.
Sometimes we get the opportunity
to recognize the blessings in our life
that are oftentimes hidden from our view.
Sometimes we make mistakes
that we learn from.
Sometimes we get to go all the way
to the edge of adventure
and make our way back to the Center
without losing what's important.
Sometimes life opens and stretches us
well beyond what we thought
or feared
we were capable.
Sometimes we know enough to be more than grateful.
Sometimes we get to be transformed.
Sometimes we get to be touched by love
in ways well beyond what we even thought we could imagine.
Sometimes we're able to give back pieces of what's
been given to us.
And sometimes we can give even more.