And So It Begins

I've been searching for a theme, a central hub around which I could focus this site, and am now convinced there is no other way to find it than to dig right in and trust my soul. What do I have to offer I wonder as I ponder the thoughts and ideas that tickle my fancy? Maybe nothing, maybe something so nothing it's more than something. I am no expert, no wandering whirling dervish although the sacred dances through my skin. I am clouded by forces that sometimes arrest my attention beyond the mundane that open my eyes to the doorways of the miraculous. I am a writer and I'm following a story and I'm opening to a new season and a process that previously eluded me. The winter ice is thawing and I can feel the bumps and bruises that wait to arise in a spring of wealth and beauty of promising whispers from voices longing to melt into form.