The Flash Challenge Reprise

It's funny how I do this, challenge myself and come up short. Except this time my challenge loosened not flash fiction, but short stories. I'm not complaining, I just find it kind of funny. I kept trying to keep to the flash, the quick draw McGraw, it seemed to be the form where my short quick bursts could find a home, yet what showed up on the page were consistently longer. Maybe if I decide to commit to writing short stories I'll find where the flashes are hiding. Or maybe I could simply commit to the process and let go of seeking to control it.

There are so many ideas dancing, how to choose becomes the question and so much has changed I realize it's time to settle down. I keep trying to find a focus for this blog and now I admit I give up. All the ideas I was so excited about when I began have fallen by the wayside due to the fear that guarded the castle door like an old troll who lost his way. I'm not going to try to control the reigns. Instead, I'm going to hold on and enjoy the ride. I want to provide a space wherein the Pliabilities will have room to fly.

Writing is my practice, it is my life's blood, the passion that stirs in my veins. I know what doesn't work for me and since this blog is a ghost town I feel the wariness in my veins retreating. What does it matter if I dive deep into the mines of my imagination and come up with less than brilliant prose? Here comes da judge. I want to be done with holding back, playing nice, worrying about what all the who-know-whos are gonna think. I can feel the embers beginning to burst into flame, yet I hold back, hold back. It's a tired old dance and I'm ready to sit this one out.