Trusting the Process

So, I've been working on stories and having a lot of fun and learning a lot as well. I've only managed first drafts of short stories, nothing approximating a flash. That's okay. I'm trying to let the stories lead me, rather than trying to control the stories. I find there's this wall I come up against, a sense of oh this isn't working, and it happens every time. It's like I'm headed toward San Diego but somewhere I get hijacked and I find I'm on my way to Arizona, which is fine, except it seems that the parts where I was headed to San Diego don't belong any more. But now that I'm pushing through it, I'm finding it gives way to something I wasn't expecting, and it's all necessary to get me through the story. I would get discouraged half-way through and allow myself to be stopped by the doubt, the criticism, the sense I was going nowhere. There's a point half-way where the story seems splintered, makes no sense. But once I push through it I find myself in places I couldn't have imagined. I guess it comes down to trust, trust in the process, trust in yourself. And I think it comes down to a certain kind of energy, a kind I didn't seem able to tap into before.