Why Not Unlimited Possibilities?

So, what about magic?  Do you believe in magic?  I'm not talking about the abracadabra kind, I'm talking about miracles and signs and wonders.  I'm not talking about rigid roles and mistaken beliefs, I'm talking about the edges where possibilities are unlimited.  I'm talking about breaking on through to the other side, a place we can't even imagine in the current state we're in.  I was thinking about those words, "unlimited possibilities," and why they keep returning.  It's a theme that consistently runs through my work.

Yesterday, the rain poured during an unconventional conversation and a crack between the worlds opened and I saw for an instant that possibilities are truly unlimited, but then it vacillated to, they could be, couldn't they?  It was a certainty that quickly melted into a question, a tendency of revelation in my experience.

It's so easy to get pulled back into the so-called "known".  But once we think we know, we stop growing, we cease learning and the possibility ends.   It's time that runs out, that's what I've said, and it's the cemented grooves we're locked into that prevent anything new under the sun. We are, as a culture, advancing at astronomical rates when it comes to technology, but we've fallen far behind in the exploration and development of the spirit.  Do we really believe this is it, that matter means more than the spirit?  I'm not begrudging technology, I'm suggesting a need for balance.  We talk about happiness and then shove a gadget to satisfy it.  The purpose of the gadget is to make life easier so we have more time and opportunity to enter the dimension of the unusual.  Do we really think our place is to find a shape to fit into?  Or to create a shape for ourselves? I've been told there are only a limited number of stories, and everything else is simply a variation on a theme.  Really?  Is this true and / or does it have to be?  Why can't we imagine anything different?  Perhaps maybe because we limit ourselves with the limited possibilities handed down to us?