Blogging for Bliss

So, what about blogging?  What's this all about?   Let me introduce myself. My name is Serena Helriot.  Who am I?   I am a resourceful person, often called to direct the flight patterns of geese flying south for the winter while dousing the flames of a forest fire with my tongue.  I've enjoyed many interesting and life-affirming experiences.  I played the bass with Santana at Woodstock and tuned Jimi Hendrix's guitar.  I learned how to tickle the sun awake and how to land on the moon without a lunar module, although I made the instrumental discovery to allow one to do so.  I discovered the radioactivity of plutonium but forgot to tell anyone.  I was the inspiration for the atomic bomb.  I worked out the equations for Einstein's Theory of General Relativity and cross-matched tse-tse flies.  I once herded elephants single-handed through the Andes and made moccasins for them to wear for the trek on the treacherously rocky places.

When I'm in a silly mood I sing loudly in restaurants and poke fun at the guards at Buckingham Palace.  Occasionally I fly to Argentina for the winter solstice and stay with Eva Perone's granddaughter for Christmas.  I enjoy catching fleas with my thumb and forefinger and invite them to write on my bare back when they get bored.  To blow off steam on the weekends I don a parachute and jump off skyscrapers then I lock up all the carjackers in the Crystal Cathedral just before the sermon starts.  I have spoken to the Beatles on more than one occasion and was the one who suggested they rethink the title, "A Hard Night's Day."

In short, I am someone who dances in the intersection between lies and possibilities.

How does one begin a blog?  I have all these ideas, floating, knocking, begging to be expressed.  I write them incessantly into journals or type them into my laptop and there they stay.  I write poems, short stories, flash fiction.  I'm working on wannabe novels.  Basically, I just like to write and someone suggested a blog and here I am.  What are Pliabilities?  They are the serious and whimsical musings from my heart, my mind, my soul.  They are considerations and questions and playful pokes at life.  I don't know exactly what they are, but I'm about to find out.  And so are you if you decide to come along with me, hang out for a bit.

I will also be posting poetry, flash fiction, bursts (this is my term for some of the short pieces I do).   To be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure what this is all about, but I'm excited to get started.