Nothing Special

And so this is huge. You experience the a-ha moment, you find yourself, inexplicably, off the wheel, you know it's not permanent because nothing is, but it is what it is, a kind of peace that has nothing remarkable in it, yet it fills you with rivulets of joy, it tickles your fancy as if it were inviting you to a ball, and all you know is to worry, you can't help it, but then you feel the wheel starting up, so you jump out of the cold of worry into the sunlight of grace and wonder at the tears streaming down your face and the laughter welling up from your gut until you realize it is enough, just as it is, and although you were used to the search and the struggle you know now's the time to sit back and get used to simply riding the flow and see what's what and let the rest go. And so this is huge. And yet, it is nothing special.