Dream Escape

O.K., let's begin. From the ground up. The building has been leveled, the mountain crashed down upon it, and you've climbed up, out of the rubble, you're here, and a new day is dawning. There it is, the ruby sunrise, glorious and wild, on fire, cascading across time and space. There are no answers looking for questions, the practical demands its due. It's time, it's time, the ashes have all been swept clean. A burning desire leads to an engulfing flame, but first you need the pit to contain it, to prevent destruction from a wild fire run rampant. Not everyone makes it but the ones who do know better than to call their good fortune luck. You can pretend to know but underneath the facade the truth lies bald as a newborn mouse. And when you can see through that you can breathe a sigh of curious relief. The dream is over. You've awakened from the dream at last.