True Love

I can't think of a commercial application to attract attention and I realize I don't really care. I never was interested in sales to begin with. I just couldn't think of a better way to make any money and by the time I realized I should, it was too late. My parents wept when they realized the truth, and my friends were more astonished than chagrined, but once again I found myself cast out into the cold of the bitter north waters to suffer what fate and faith decreed. I'm not alone. Here the creatures both wild and wonderful gather when the moon is full and ask for my advice on matters both practical and personal. I pretend I'm not pleased and try not to notice how my words are of ill effect. Those who have gathered work like dreamweavers, keeping their masks in place without letting on and I pretend not to notice. They are intent on encouraging my efforts and that is how I learned the meaning of the words "true love".