Through The Wormhole

We come from the other side of the light, where it begins before it ends, where it's brightest and unsteady. It is difficult to see in such luminosity and there are many wormholes. If you're not careful, if you wander out in the middle of a light storm, you could stumble and fall through one.

It was a pre-high school graduation party, that's what you would call it. We had no school, there were no teachers, but we were coming to the end of a season, we all knew it, even if nobody ever told us. The oldest among us dared the rest to adventure and we danced and twisted and shouted far far beyond our usual galaxy. Someone tripped, tripped a wire, a dark hole opened and like a vacuum cleaner, we were sucked into it. There were fifteen of us and we went together. Usually our experiences were more singular.

On the left right hand side there was a wormhole, so we squeezed into it, only to pop out on the other side where we landed on a very beautiful tropical island. We were its first inhabitants. But we wouldn't be the last.