A Death Scene

She crouched behind the dumpster, trying to control her breathing, to quiet her heaving chest. She didn't hear him come up from behind her, she didn't even sense his presence which was very odd for her. Was she already dying? Had death touched her before she began to run?

He wasted no time, wrenched back her neck and sliced. It was over quickly. She felt a sting that alarmed her nerves, and then felt nothing. Her eyes never closed when she lifted from her body.

It wasn't like in the movies, she wasn't in the same world yet existing as a whisper, a veil of smoke. She was somewhere else, nowhere recognizable, she saw or felt nothing she could put into words, and just as she began to question, her mind short-circuited and arranged into something else entirely. She was no longer confused, yet nothing was understood either. She'd become light and light doesn't spend itself on understanding.

The last thought she had was, "So, there is life after death after all." Then she became that life.