The Question of All Questions

At the edge of the universe lies a question mark. When you come across it you get to ask a question, any question, and you can be assured of an answer, guaranteed. It is rumored it is God Himself or Herself or Themselves I suppose, depending on your inclination or imaginative bent, that will answer. It is not known for sure however, and it is not clear if the answer would be honest or straightforward, even if it were God that answered. There's supposed to be some kind of reward for reaching the spot in the first place, but it is not known if the reward lies in the answer. God is, after all, a Mystery, and even though we believe we have some sort of idea of what or who God is or could be, I think we're wise to admit that truly we have no clue. That makes me wonder if it is some kind of trick, for if God is beyond our understanding or knowledge, what kind of direct communication would even be possible? Parables haven't been all that helpful for the most part because there's too much disagreement over the meaning. Miracles are misconstrued or scoffed at as fantasy. I've spent years wondering what I would ask and I have to admit I can't think of anything impressive enough. I mean come on, such an amazing accomplishment, it would surely be in all the newspapers, all over the internet. Everyone would have an opinion, everyone would have something to say. I'm told it is just one question allowed, so it better be The Question of All Questions, that's what I think.