Gases of Doubt

Struggles and despair, listening to dark voices with no heart, and you're down, flat on the ground.  Hope can't float and faith can't thrive in the putrid gases of doubt.  Turn it around, forget the world's advice.  They know not what they do.  The spirit will lead and it will be the ride of your life, if you could just let go long enough to laugh.  Why settle for the limitations of ego when you can soar in the skies of imagination's expanse, why follow the blind and fall into holes when you can be led by the sacred whose first purpose is to enliven you?  Detoxify, get the world's poison out of your system, fill up on the sweet honey of the divine's nutrients.  Allow yourself to be a beginner, sink below the surface where the true thoughts are simmering, the very ones that can lift you into the skies of unlimited possibilities.