Dr. Reynaldo

The sky quickly melted
into a rustic burnt purple,
stirring Lydia into a wizened frenzy
from which she could neither
be coaxed nor calmed.

Dr. Reynaldo decided to try.

He imagined he could charm Lydia
into his embrace and dissolve her agitation,
refine it into a spark igniting a passion
in which they could wait out the storm together.

Dr. Reynaldo possessed a large imagination.

But sadly he lacked the resolve necessary
to fertilize his fantasies into fruition. 
It didn't help that Lydia was interested
in neither his imagination nor
in melting her excitement into anything
resembling passion for Dr. Reynaldo.

She was already married to the wind
and she felt confident
it could take her places
even Dr. Reynaldo could not imagine.


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