Chasing Rainbows

Tired of  being broke, Tim chased the rainbow to its end to capture the pot of gold, but when he arrived he realized he'd been fooled.  There were no such things as leprechauns guarding the treasure, but there was a troll who was a real grump and wasn't the least bit interested in giving up the gold to Tim, or even in sharing a wee little bit.  Tim knew the rules of engagement for leprechauns, but he knew nothing about Trolls so it was no surprise when the troll won the brawl.  Tim, determined to outwit the troll, procrastinated as he considered his plight while the clouds covered the sun, erasing the rainbow.  It would be six months before another rainbow appeared and by then he'd convinced himself there were no such things as pots of gold and trolls.  He was astonished into reconsidering his position however when Tiny Tim, his nephew, tiptoed through the tulips and stumbled upon the gold.  Tiny Tim didn't share either, so Tim was still broke and still tired.  He chased rainbows for years but never managed to snag a pot for himself.  He would have been content to secure either the bronze or the silver, but when it comes to pots and rainbows, there's only the gold.

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