The Intersection between Lies and Possibilities

There's a fine line between lies and possibilities, truth and uncertainty.  It is written there is a season for everything and it serves a soul to remember time can run out as well.  Chances are limited, offers do expire, and it's the lucky ones, those who know what is needed and how to pay attention to signs and wonders and can dive between those fine lines who discover the center wherein lies the secret desire of every human soul.

Everyone has excuses.  There are fences of protection erected, ideas of right and wrong, safety and danger adopted.  Our desire for survival is so acute we've forgotten the glory hidden in a vault deep within the human heart.  We've lost the point, the golden thread misplaced somewhere along the way.  The human race has perfected the art of survival, our best energy expended in a daily struggle for food, shelter from the elements, protection from wild animals and hostile humans, and has evolved into surviving machines with no spirit. The tornado has thrown our house into the midst of quiet, but unlike Dorothy we refuse to open the door and discover what's out there.  We're on perpetual red alert, tensed for danger and we haven't quite realized the enemy isn't out there hiding in the shadows, it's inside us, waiting not to pounce, but to set us free.