A passionate pen attracting wily words so engorged they have no choice but to soar in the silky skies of unlimited possibility, a cheeky conduit for spirits of flight as well as fancy, a process that is neither serious nor frivolous. Life is what it is and I desire to articulate the view from the heights of wonder passing through this skin, as well as to express the inexpressible, the distinct yet shadowy elements I call Pliabilities.

What are Pliabilities? They can neither be defined nor categorized, they are anything you want them to be, they are all the forms not yet invented. They spring from a spirited space where there are no rules, no agendas, no purpose other than to depict the nuances of ordinary moments so often missed.

This is my playground. I’ve no set agenda nor purpose other than to accept my process for what it is, a conveyor belt of moments where the beauty of mysterious life-forces burst through to my soul, where the sparks of inventive inspiration collide with the ordinary and offer a rich relief I cannot taste in any other way.

This site is as nonsensical as it is whimsical. Here I share poetry and stories, along with little orbs of glorious invention I call Tiny Bubbles. Bursts are short pieces which have melted from poetry’s ache to shrink from confinement of conformity, blooming into delirious dance steps done for no other reason than they’re fun.